If it was easy to do it would have been done by now! But sometimes the hard thing and the right thing are the same thing.

That’s our take on why VVSS Online  needs to exist and why it is important to health system leaders.

Over the past 5 years we have supported numerous NHS organisations and the same comments kept coming from our clients…

“There’s loads of data but no insight”

“I keep asking for that but no one can give it to me, Oh! Thank you”

‘Where did you get that from and can you show it me broken down by …………..?”

VVSS Online is the result of putting an expert analyst and an expert operational process consultant in to the NHS for 5 years and letting them learn and then consolidate that learning into something useful.

If you had only one of those people or if those two people didn’t get on, or understand enough about each others worlds, the resulting output wouldn’t be terrific!

But when you have someone asking the right questions of the data, and someone who’s capable of wrestling the data into submission, and they both speak enough of each others language to communicate what’s needed to create the required output, the results are spectacular.

That’s what makes VVSS Online unique. It has the analytical capability to be extraordinarily powerful, but is built to deliver insight through visualisation and to be able to answer the question you didn’t know you wanted to know until you knew what you now know. (We know too many knows!)

This is not analysis for the sake of analysis. We believe that anybody who engages with our products will know more about their world in 10 minutes, in fact we guarantee it!

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