Like Marvin Gaye said, ‘what’s goin on?’

Well, we want to show you.

The NHS is in Crisis.

Is it? What, all of it? What about your bit?

What if there was an uncomplicated way to see how your system is performing from GP to ED to CCG to LA and all the way round again?

VVSS has invested deeply in creating a suite of easy to access, simple to use and incredibly insightful information which will help users, providers, commissioners, STPs, ACOs, Local Authorities and anyone else who’s interested gain a deeper understanding of their NHS landscape and, as a result, have a more informed conversation about what’s really going on.

Over the coming weeks we will be releasing free visualisations that will allow you to see whats really going on in your health systems.

We use freely available, public data which is typically published in tables and spreadsheets from multiple sources to create visualisations which allow you to see, quickly and effectively, what’s happening in your world. Simple.

If you would like to see more of the work we are doing, no obligation, please drop an email to and we’ll get right back to you.