Welcome to VVSS Online

VVSS is a web-based, self-service and interactive data analysis and visualisation tool for analysing healthcare statistics in England.

It takes nationally published data sets, which are often unwieldy and are difficult to interpret, and brings them together in a user friendly portal where they can be used effectively. A suite of drop-down menus across our range of analyses allow the user to interrogate the data more deeply or change the question with a few clicks.

As well as making the data easier to use it also combines the data sets to allow users to do things that are not possible with the original data sets in isolation such understanding relationships for example between acute bed availability and A&E performance.

VVSS also lets users explore their geography or make comparisons between a user defined list of providers. That could be a comparison of waiting lists across providers in an STP or Cancer treatment performance against a hand picked peer group.

Finally VVSS pulls in a wide range of datasets to help you create a comprehensive picture of your local health economy. Data sources in our analyses are updated as soon as new statistics are published and include:

  • A&E activity and admissions

  • Delayed Transfers of Care

  • Reference costs

  • Bed availability

  • National practice profiles data for GP Practices

  • Cancer waiting times performance

  • Winter SitRep for acute Trusts and NHS 111

  • Hospital waiting lists

  • Diagnostic test waits and activity

  • and more to come…